A word on the Company Histrory

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VOTRONIC Richard Schmelz Elektronik has been founded in Grebenhain/Germany in 1987.
The business activities of the company are the development and production of electronic units for campers, caravans and boats. The first product series covered tank level displays, units for battery control and automatic battery chargers.

Soon, VOTRONIC expanded and extended the product range. Due to the early application of microprocessors, the functional features of the units were improved resulting in high reliability and facilitation of the production at the same time. In 1993, the products had been improved for professionl application in ambulance cars (intervention vehicles). Since particular requirements of the customers were always considered, the range of customized units became more and more important. The great demand for VOTRONIC products involved an extension of the capacity of production and stock.

The new branch rainwater recovery became interested in VOTRONIC products, and the second product series covering digital displays and control units for rainwater cisterns was established. Many years of experience in level measurement technique for campers are the basis for further innovations. In 1997, VOTRONIC became established as reliable supplier for OEM products and managed that a renowned customer became the market leader for the range of rainwater.

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In 1998, the progressive expansion of the company required a new legal form as well as a new building. In the year 2000, the quality assurance system DIN ISO 9001 was implemented to govern and guarantee the complex production processes and the high quality standard also in future. Additional products for fire fighting and special purpose vehicles and the third product series in the range intervention vehicles was created.

In 2003, the course for a successful future has been set by calculated economical measures. Increasing competitiveness secured further market shares, and an extension of the production facility was required. In 2005, further investments in advanced production machinery allowed execution of even large orders with the proven high quality standard.

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Already in the end of the year 2005 and after a long preparatory phase in close cooperation with the suppliers for electronic and mechanic components the conversion of the production to RoHS conform products was realised. A conspicuous change in the production of electronic appliances was the conversion of the soldering processes to lead-free soldering. A lead-free production required rethinking of the entire production chain. Therefore, additional production and test equipment was acquired in 2006/2007 to ensure an execution of the production processes, which became more difficult, in the usual high quality.

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High quality of the produced products, as well as the continuing good solvency of the company ensured constant delivery capacity. Already after 10 years, the new building was bursting at the seams. In spring 2010, the company moved into a larger building at the new site in Lauterbach. The company area for stock and production had been doubled in size. Owing to the move, the operational workflow was simplified and the production was downsized to guarantee the competitiveness of the company for the future.

Jubilaeum 30 EN

2017: Since 30 years we are engaged in development and manufacturing of electronic devices for mobile applications. More than a quarter century of experience "Made in Germany" and the knowledge of a close collaboration to different communities, we can work continuously into the further development of our products. 30 years in a fast moving electronic world, really an eternity! Only truly innovative and high quality product lines are able to compete successfully in the market for so long.. The long-term customer satisfaction and the proven durability of our products are real characteristics for our excellent quality and reliability.

2019: The former shareholders of Votronic Electronic Systems GmbH & Co. KG have sold their shares in the company to two long-standing employees who have been with the company for many years and played a key role in its success. In the course of this transaction, the company has now expired and the newly founded VOTRONIC Elektronik-Systeme GmbH has entered the legal status of the former company as general successor. Thus, the assets and all rights and obligations as well as the contractual relationships have been transferred in their entirety to the new VOTRONIC Elektronik-Systeme GmbH. In addition, Mr. Richard Schmelz and Mr. Heiner Spieckermann left the company. New shareholder directors of VOTRONIC Elektronik-Systeme GmbH are Mr. Jörg Borneis-Eifert and Mr. Dieter Sojak.


At the new site, more than 100 employees are busy with the series production of our electronic units for the product ranges mobile application and rainwater recovery for delivery to renowned national and international customers. Known as a competent OEM supplier, special executions and customized units are developed and produced.

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