LCD Battery Computer S with Smart-Shunt




  Microprocessor controlled the following values were measured, calculated and displayed:

  • Minimum battery capacity 50 Ah
  • Battery voltage board battery, 7 to 32 V (Volts), internal measuring scale 0.1 V
    Allows drawing conclusions from the battery behaviour in case of variations in load and serves as operational check, for instance, of the charger, the solar system, the dynamo etc.. Flashing warning signal in case of overvoltage.
  • Battery current (charge/discharge) +/- 0 to max. +/- 1800 A, internal measuring scale 0.1 A
    Control of the discharge current rates (load) by the consumers, indicated by the sign “-“. Control of the discharge current rates identified by a “Charge“ sign.
  • Battery Capacity (Ah and %)
    Residual charge from 0 Ah / 0% (empty) to nominal capacity max. 2000 Ah / 100% (full)
  • Residual Running Time (h)
  • Battery Voltage 2nd Battery (eg. Start Battery), 7 to 32 V (Volt), internal measuring scale 0,1 V
  • Terminal, freely programmable and tactile (PNP, plus potential 12 V / 24 V, max. 0.5 A)
LCD-Batterie-Computer S


How much residual charge does my board battery have? Is the battery state really “Full”? Why is energy taken from the battery, although the consumers had been switched-off? The VOTRONIC LCD Battery Computer S gives the answer to these questions - exactly to percentage (%) an ampere-hour (Ah). At the touch of a button, it informs comprehensively of the instantaneous charging state of the battery, the flowing battery current rates, as well as the voltage situation of the battery. Based on the proved VOTRONIC LCD Battery Computer, the LCD Battery Computer S had been developed. The various display functions and the high operating convenience had been extended by a neatly arranged LCD display with white background illumination, which offers excellent legibility, even from a distance and with unfavourable lighting conditions.

Since the unit is permanently in contact with “its battery”, it records and evaluates all battery actions. All charging and discharging currents are counted accurately. Battery size, self-discharge, battery load etc. are considered by programmed characteristic diagrams. Even the smallest leakage current is detected and recorded. The residual capacity of the battery is calculated from the measured values and the battery size. The result is a correct indication of the charging state (of the capacity, which is still available, the residual charge) of the board battery as numerical value in Ampere-hours (“Ah”) and as percentage (“%”), as well as in form of a clear level bar, such as it is known from a fuel gauge. The LCD Battery Computer S is suitable for all battery types (acid, gel, AGM, lithium adjustable) with 12 V and 24 V battery voltage.

Of course, also the instantaneous battery voltage (“V”) and the instantaneous battery current (“A”) are displayed. Discharge current rates (consumers) are identified by a minus sign. Furthermore, the discharge current rates are marked with a well legible sign “Charge”. Apart from that, there is a further display possibility for the voltage of a second battery, such as for control of the vehicle’s starter battery.

The LCD Battery Computer S is equipped with a freely programmable terminal for control, supervision and warning purposes. It can, for example, be used for automatic switching of consumers, independently of the board battery’s the charging state, or for warning signals. The on/off switching points can be adjusted freely and independently of each other as percentage (%) allowing any switching function. At the press of a button, manual control is possible at any time.

Example for application: Automatic protection of the battery against harmful total discharge. The consumers are switched-off exactly according to charging state, for example, if the charging state is less than 25 %. An EMERGENCY-ON button allows continued supply of the consumers. Consequently, the unit can also be used as remote-controlled battery main switch (on/off) with protection against total discharge.

A plug-and-go cable connects display and robust Precision Measuring Resistor (Smart-Shunt), which is directly connected to the negative pole of the board battery, and which receives the voltage and current rates of the battery. The terminal for connection of signal transmitters or powerful switching relays is also located here.

Matching to the VOTRONIC modular system, appearance and mechanics (identical height 85 mm) of the unit are adapted to the other display modules, and the small mounting depth of only 22 mm allows an installation at almost any location.

Important information concerning the measuring shunt:
The choice of the suitable unit type (100 S, 200 S or 400 S) is exclusively depending on the maximum permanent load by consumers (A) and not on the total battery capacity (Ah).

Technical Details

Unit Type

in the



of Battery

Current Measuring
Shunt [A]
Cont./15/7 Min.


LCD-Batterie-Computer 100 S
1263 100 A 8 60 50 - 2000 100 / 150 / 200 55 / 240
LCD-Batterie-Computer 200 S
1266 200 A 8 60 50 - 2000 200 / 300 / 400 55 / 240
LCD-Batterie-Computer 400 S
1269 400 A 8 60 100 - 2000 400 / 600 / 800 55 / 245
Battery Voltage Lead-Acid/Gel/AGM: 12 and 24 V
Battery Voltage LiFePO4 12.8-13.2 V / 25.6-26.4 V
Mark of Conformity: CE, E Test (EMV/Automotive Regulations)
Delivery Scope: Display unit, measuring shunt 100 A, 200 A or 400 A inclusive cover for smart shunt,
connection cable of 5m length, ground strap, fastening screws, Operating Manual, drilling jig
Dimensions (W x H x D): 80 x 85 x 24 mm
Assembly Dimensions (W x H x D): 66 x 72 x 22 mm
Dimensions Shunt: 135 x 32 x 44 mm

The units are adapted to the measuring shunts being included in the delivery.
They cannot be operated in connection with other measuring shunts or exchanged by each other!


LCD Battery Computer Anleitung Katalog
Switch Unit 40
Anleitung Katalog
Switch Unit 100
Anleitung Katalog

Recommendable Accessories

If the LCD Battery Computer S is used as total discharge protection and battery main switch, the application of the switching units VOTRONIC Switch Unit 40 or Switch Unit 100 is recommendable because of the efficiency and the extremely low current consumption.

Switch Unit 40 2071     Switch Unit 100 2072
Switch Unit 40 - Article-No. 2071
Dimensions (W x H x D): 90 x 38 x 60 mm
    Switch Unit 100 - Article-No. 2072
Dimensions (W x H x D): 105 x 37 x 70 mm

Unit Type


Switching & Load Current







Switch Unit 40 2071 12 and 24 40 60 (1 Sec.) 0 / <3 2.5 - 10 mm² 97
Switch Unit 100 2072 12 and 24 100 150 (10 Sec.) 0 / <3 M6 180
Mark of Conformity: CE, E Test (EMV/Automotive Regulations)
Delivery Scope: Operating Manual, Connection Protector (only for Switch Unit 100)


  Casing for LCD Displays
Article-No. 2024
Dimensions (W x H x D): 83 x 87 x 27 mm

Plug-and-go extension cable
of 5 m length incl. Connector
Article-No. 2005

  Aufbau Gehaeuse Kunststoff 2024    

Steuerleitung 2005

Smart Shunt Abdeckung
Cover for Smart Shunt Article-No. 2023
(included since May 2018)


LCD-Batt-Computer EN

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