Peripheral Units

StandBy Charger 3065   D Plus Simulator 3066   Plus-Distributor 8 3215   Battery-Protector 40 3075
StandBy Charger   D+Simulator   Circuit Distributors   Battery Controllers
For campers, ambulance and intervention vehicles etc. the batteries must supply energy even during standstill of the vehicles. These vehicles are mostly equipped with several batteries being used separately for driving and standstill. Distinction is made between starter and supply battery (batteries). As already recognizable by the name, the starter battery is responsible for a reliable start of the vehicle, while the other battery (batteries) takes (take) over the supply of the electric appliances in the vehicle. To ensure reliable operation of each battery circuit and the vehicles’ electric supply, different units are required for charging control during driving. 
  Switch Unit 100 2072
  Switch Units
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