Solar Data Extender 3n1

Article-No. 1440



The Solar Data Extender combines the data from up to three solar controllers so that they can be shown on a single display. The usual LCD display can still be used. It is compatible with the following devices:

  • Solar Charging Controllers in SR- und MPP-Technology (from Serial-No. 14Vxx.xxxxx)
  • Battery Charger Series VBCS Triple
  • LCD-Solar-Computer S (from Serial-No. 15V40.xxxxx)
  • LCD-Charge Control S
  • VPC Combi Panels with Solar Function
  • Bluetooth Connector S-BC
Solar Data Extender 1440

Assembly and connection

The Solar Data Extender can be retrofitted at any time. It has three independent inputs (IN1, IN2, IN3). The signals are summarized and made available via the output (OUT). A solar display (e.g. LCD-Solar-Computer S) can be connected there.

It is plugged between the Votronic solar charging controller and the solar display (e.g. LCD-Solar-Computer S) using the modular cable included in the scope of delivery. The IN1 connection must always be connected, as this is the voltage supply for the device.

Connection Examples


Technical Details

 Nominal Operating Voltage (Supply via connected devices) [V]
12 and 24
 Operating Voltage Range [V]
8 - 32
 Power Consumption "standby", typical [mA] 0.7
 Power Consumption "active", typical [mA}
 Dimensions (WxHxD) in [mm] 75 x 47 x 24
 Weight in [g] 37
 Mark of Conformity
CE, E-Test (EMV/Automotive Regulations)
 Ambient Conditions, Humidity of Air, max. 95 % RH, no condensation
 Delivery Scope: 3 pcs. Control Cable 6-pin 0.5 m length, Operating Manual
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