MobilPOWER Inverter SMI 1700 ST

Article-No. 3183




SMI 1700 Sinus ST 3183


Output Capacity:

  • 1700 Watt (Continuous)
  • 2100 Watt (Short-time)
  • 3000 Watt (Peak)


Reiner Sinus EN

230V / 50Hz
crystal stabilized


  • Output voltage in quality of mains voltage (pure sine)
  • Uncompromising, unproblematic, trouble-free operation of all the mains operated appliances, such as medical equipment, radio equipment, charging devices (of mobile phones, wireless transmitting sets, hand lamps, storage batteries etc.), laptops, computers, air-conditioners, refrigerator boxes, electric tools (drills, right angle grinders etc.), TV, SAT, TFT, microwave ovens, fully automatic coffee makers, hair driers, fans, lamps, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators etc.
  • The Control panel can be rotated by 360°, and it can be used as remote control (e. g. in the cabin). (5m connection cable in delivery scope)
  • Switch mode technology, compact, lightweight, robust and reliable, short-time high overload is admissible
  • Low current consumption, selectable power-saving mode:
    - Continuous operation
    - automatic stand-by with automatic search for switched-on consumers
    - OFF
  • Automatic disconnection in case of overvoltage/low voltage of the battery, overload, overheating etc.
  • Comfort cooling fan with power control, temperature control and continuous speed control

Technical Details

 Nominal Voltage Battery (DC) in [V] 12
 Output Voltage (AC) in [V]
230 pure Sine
 Output Frequency
50 Hz crystal stabilized
> 93 %
 CosPhi of the Consumers
no restriction
 Output Capacity Continuous in [W] 1700
 Output Capacity Short-time / Peak in [W]
2100 / 3000
 Minimum Battery Capacity (recommended) in [Ah]
> 150
 Power Consumption (DC) at Nominal Capacity in [A] 165
 Overvoltage Battery max. [V] 16
 Low Voltage Battery min. in [V]
 Own Consumption in [W] 10 (ON, without load)
 Own Consumption during StandBy in [W]
5 (without load)
 Battery Connectiion Terminals
2 x 50
 Temperature Range [°C] -20 to +45
 Protection Class/System of Protection IP 21
 Dimensions (WxDxH) in [mm] - Dimensions incl. mounting flanges and connections 262 x 92 x 482
 Weight in [g] 4900
 Mark of conformity (CE) EN 60950
 Ambient Conditions, Humidity of Air:  max. 95 % RH, No Condensation
 Delivery Scope: Control Cable 5m for Remote Control, Battery Connection Terminals, Operating Manual


Anleitung Katalog

Required Accessories

Hochstromkabelsatz 2268For the battery connection of the MobilPOWER Sine Inverters the following connection cables are required:

High-current cable set red/black 35mm²
Available in length 1m  (Art. 2269) and length 2m (Art. 2273)

Recommendable Accessories


Montagerahmen S Inverter 2016

Mounting Frame S for Remote Control
(Art. 2016)

Control Unit 2065

Control Unit (Art. 2065)Operation Manual


Hochlastsicherungshalter m Deckel 2251

Power Fuse Holder (Art. 2251)


High-current cable red 40 cm length 25mm² (Art. 2262)or 35mm² (Art. 2263)
Extension set with 2nd remote control, Y-distributor, connection cables 5 m and 30 cm (Art. 2067)


BootAlso available with humidity-proof electronic system:
MobilPOWER Inverter SMI 1700 ST Sinus 
(Art. 13183)


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