MobilPOWER Inverter SMI 300-NVS Sinus

Article-No. 3156




SMI 300 Sinus-NVS 3156

Output Capacity:

  • 300 Watt (Continuous)
  • 420 Watt (Short-time)
  • 600 Watt (Peak)

Mains priority control with
overload protection integrated
(10 A safety cutout)

Reiner Sinus EN

230V / 50Hz
crystal stabilized


  • Output voltage in quality of mains voltage (pure sine)
  • Uncompromising, unproblematic, trouble-free operation of all the mains operated appliances, such as medical equipment, radio equipment, charging devices (of mobile phones, wireless transmitting sets, hand lamps, storage batteries etc.), laptops, computers, air-conditioners, refrigerator boxes, electric tools (drills, right angle grinders etc.), TV, SAT, TFT, microwave ovens, fully automatic coffee makers, hair driers, fans, lamps, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators etc.
  • The Control panel can be rotated by 360°, and it can be used as remote control (e. g. in the cabin). (5m connection cable in delivery scope)
  • Switch mode technology, compact, lightweight, robust and reliable, short-time high overload is admissible
  • Low current consumption, selectable power-saving mode:
    - Continuous operation
    - automatic stand-by with automatic search for switched-on consumers
    - OFF
  • Automatic disconnection in case of overvoltage/low voltage of the battery, overload, overheating etc.
  • Comfort cooling fan with power control, temperature control and continuous speed control

Technical Details

 Nominal Voltage Battery (DC) in [V] 12
 Output Voltage (AC) in [V]
230 pure Sine
 Output Frequency
50 Hz crystal stabilized
> 93 %
 CosPhi of the Consumers
no restriction
 Output Capacity Continuous in [W] 300
 Output Capacity Short-time / Peak in [W]
420 / 600
 Minimum Battery Capacity (recommended) in [Ah]
> 60
 Power Consumption (DC) at Nominal Capacity in [A] 27.5
 Overvoltage Battery max. [V] 16
 Low Voltage Battery min. in [V]
 Own Consumption in [W] 4 (ON, without load)
 Own Consumption during StandBy in [W]
3 (without load)
 Connection Cable Battery 4 mm2, 1.2 m
 Temperature Range [°C] -20 to +45
 Protection Class/System of Protection IP 21
 Dimensions (WxDxH) in [mm] - Dimensions incl. mounting flanges and connections 139 x 74 x 332
 Weight in [g] 1800
 Mark of conformity (CE) EN 60950
 Ambient Conditions, Humidity of Air:  max. 95 % RH, No Condensation
 Delivery Scope: Control Cable 5m for Remote Control, Connection Cable Battery, Mains Cable, Operating Manual


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