Solar Charging Controller SR 300-24 Duo Digital

Article-No. 6615



SR 300-24 6615

For Solar Modules with:

max. 300 Wp Module Capacity

max. 10 A Module Current

max. 50 V Module Voltage

Operating Voltage: 24 V

Charging Options:

Batterien 1S

1 Supply- and 1 Starter Battery


Please notice, that the device is only suitablte for solar panels up to the maximum power (Wp) and below the maximum persmissable voltage (Voc). In addition the controller is not suitable for an input-side connection (+/- solar panels) of wind, water, fuel or motor generators, power supplies, batteries or other current sources.

  • Main Charging Port I: Automatic charging and conservation of charge of the (main) board supply battery
  • Auxiliary Charging Port II: Current and voltage reduced for recharging as well as trickle charge of the vehicle’s starter battery, thus ensuring continuous starting capacity
  • Continuous control, full batteries by immediate recharging in case of current consumption
  • Automatic charging programs adjustable for gel, acid/lead-acid and AGM/fleece batteries
  • Indicators for operating state "Full", "> 80%", "Charging", "StandBy" and "Low Voltage"
  • Least own electricity consumption
  • Connection for Battery Temperature Sensor

Technical Details

 Nominal Operating Voltage (AC) in [V] 24
 Capacity Solar Module max. [Wp] 300
 Current Solar Moddule max. [A] 10.0
 Voltage Solar Module max. [V] 50
 Charging Current Batt. I / II max. [A] 10.0 / 0.8
 Characteristic Line of Charging IU1oU2
 Battery Type adjustable Acid/Lead-Acid, Gel, AGM
 Current Consumption Stand-by in [A]
 Overcharge Protection yes
 Reverse Current Protection (during the night)
 On-board mains suppression filter
 Number of Charging Ports 2
 Protection against Overload, Overtemperature, Short-circuit
 Connection for Temperature Sensor
 Compensation of voltage loss on charging cables
 Connection for LCD-Solar-Computer S
 Signal Output "EBL" for Display "Solar" Charging Current Battery
 Temperature Range [°C] -20 to +45
 Dimensions in [mm] - Dimensions incl. mounting flanges, without connections 131 x 77 x 40
 Weight in [g] 150
 Mark of conformity (CE)
 Ambient Conditions, Humidity of Air:  max. 95 % RH, No Condensation
 Delivery Scope: Operating Manual

Charging Programs

1 „Gel“: Charging Program for Gel Batteries, Characteristic Line IU1oU2
Adapted to closed, gas-tight gel/dryfit batteries with determined electrolyte, which are generally requiring a higher charging voltage level and longer dwell times U1 to achieve short charging times with particularly high capacity storage and to avoid total discharge. Also recommended for EXIDE MAXXIMA a high-current battery in AGM filament technology.

2 „AGM“: Charging Program for AGM/Fleece Batteries, Characteristic Line IU1oU2
Adapted to charging closed, gas-tight AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries and batteries in lead-fleece technology requiring a particularly high level U1 with adapted dwell times for full charging and after that a moderate level U2 for trickle charge (round cell and plate technology).

3 DIN 0510“: Charging Program for Lead, Acid/Lead-Acid Batteries, Characteristic Line IU1oU2
General characteristic line DIN for charging and conservation to charge of open and closed lead storage batteries with removable cell plugs and possibility of acid level control and acid level correction (maintenance). Also suitable for recently developed, closed battery types (low-antimonous, with lead-silver alloy, calcium etc.) with low and very low water consumption.
Allows short charging times with high level U1, high charging factor and high acid mixing, even during stationary application (acid accumulation) of "wet" drive, lighting, solar, heavy duty and standard batteries.

4 „UNIVERSAL“: Charging Program for Lead, Acid/Lead-Acid Batteries: Characteristic Line IU1oU2
Universal program for charging and conservation of charge of acid batteries in vehicles (mixed operation mobile/stationary). Still offers short charging times, good charging factor and good acid mixing with average level U1 for open and closed, low-maintenance, maintenance-free standard, drive, lighting, solar and heavy duty batteries.


Anleitung Katalog


LCD-Solar-Computer S 1250

 Aktueller Solarstrom    Solarbatteriespannung    

Solar Current



 Eingeladene Solarkapazitaet    Eingeladene Solarenergie  
Temp Sensor 2001

LCD-Solar-Computer S
(Art. 1250)

Solar Capacity


Solar Energy


Temperature Sensor 825
(Art. 2001)

Solar Data Extender 1440

The Solar Data Extender combines the data from up to three solar controllers so that they can be shown on a single display. The usual LCD displays (e.g. LCD solar computer S or VPC combination panel) can still be used. It is compatible with the following devices:

  • Solar Charging Controllers in SR- und MPP-Technology (from Serial-No. 14Vxx.xxxxx)
  • Battery Charger Series VBCS Triple
  • LCD-Solar-Computer S (from Serial-No. 15V40.xxxxx)
  • VPC Combi Panel with Solar Function
  • Bluetooth Connector S-BC

Solar Data Extender 3n1
(Art. 1440)


BootAlso available with humidity-proof electronic system:
Solar Charging Controller SR 300-24 Duo Dig. 
(Art. 16615)


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