Repair Service

In case of a defect in your VOTRONIC device within the warranty period, you should contact your dealer first so that he can fulfill his contractual obligations.

You are also welcome to send us your device directly for inspection and possible repair, even if the 36-month guarantee period has already expired.

For this please use the Contact Form below. Alternatively, you can also download the RMA request as a PDF and send it to us by post, email or fax.

The accuracy of your error description helps us to isolate the problem on your device and to speed up processing. You may even be able to rectify the error yourself on site, so that a return can be avoided.

Please note the information on our service fees that arise if a device later turns out to be error-free. This also expressly applies to devices that are still within the warranty period.

Please understand that we cannot process your device without an RMA request.


+49 6641 91173-0
+49 6641 91173-26
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Contact Form

Download RMA-Request as PDF file


As the next step after you receive your RMA-Number from us please send us the defictive well packaged and postal paid inclusive the RMA request. In the case of shipments delivered unfree, acceptance is generally denied.

For shipments from abroad please be sure to pay attention to compliance with customs regulations.
In case of missing or incorrect documents your parcel will be rejected by customs authorities.

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