Technical Support

All of our devices are completed by a particular mounting instruction and detailed operation manual which shows all descriptions you need. These manuals you will find (in German) on this website to each device in the corresponding category in the description and in our Online-Library.

In case of further technical questions or information (e.g. manual in English) please refer to our Technical Support and leave a message for our engineers.

  Please use the following contact form exclusively:

Contact Form

Our technicans will come back to you as soon as possible to give you important hints and professional advices for installation and operation.

Unfortunately we are not able to connect you directly by phone with a technician. Due to this please use the contact form, so that your request can be processed quickly and specifically.

We kindly ask for your understanding that we are not able to give a detailed and individual support for a complete installation. The technical conception of the several devices in a vehicle depends on personal requirements and purposes. Each part (electric, gas, water a.s.o.) is quite specific for itself and must be coordinated with all others. For this it is absolutely necessary to contact a versed specialist with in-depth knowledge in the technical conditions and standards (DIN).

Our electronic devices are just one part of the technical conception, so we are not able to give a support or recommendation for the other devices. For the explanation of the technical functions, operation and installation of our products our engineers will support you during the time which is mentioned above. For all other questions please contact a specialist you trust.

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