Battery Regeneration

All VOTRONIC chargers are designed in such a way, that they can remain connected permanently to a battery. The battery regeneration, which is activating the charging phase U1 twice a week for one hour ensures that the acid in the batteries is always circulated. This effects a reduction of the sulphation and enhances the cross-flow distribution during charging or discharging and furthermore increases the energy efficiency.


But what does this mean for the charging cycles being indicated by the battery manufacturers, which are - amongst other things - important for an assessment of the lifetime? For an indication of the charging cycles, the manufacturer refers always to a certain degree of the maximum depth of discharge. This may be 50 % or less, depending on battery type and manufacturer.

The battery regeneration of all VOTRONIC chargers is only effected independently from the battery type, if the battery had been completely charged. Thus, the number of possible charging cycles is not affected.

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