Technical Features and Functions

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  • All-automatic continuous operation, permanently ready for operation.
  • The charging voltage is exempt from peaks, and it is controlled in such way, that overcharging of the batteries is excluded. Thus, trouble-free operation and simultaneous supply of the units being connected to the vehicle's board mains supply is also ensured.
  • Depending on the unit type different charging programs (stored in the EEPROM) can be adjusted for optimum charging and conservation of charge of acid-/lead-acid, gel/dryfit and AGM/fleece batteries in plate technology and in round-cell technology (such as OPTIMA batteries).
  • Units with integrated charging current distributor are able to charge individual and several batteries at the same time. The higher charging capacity will be automatically supplied to the battery (bank) showing the lower charging state. From the same charging level, simultaneous charging will be effected. On request and with most of the Votronic chargers this built-in charging current distributor allows selection of an own charging program for starter batteries by means of an adjustable switch in order to ensure charging with the full current rate and immediate availability. Simultaneous charging of combinations of acid/gel/AGM batteries together with starter batteries is also possible. Even strongly varying capacity and charging states of the batteries are admissible, and they are recognized automatically by these units with integrated charging current distributor.
  • Almost all of the chargers are equipped with an auxiliary charging port "S" with current and voltage reduction. In case of extended stop periods, this might contribute to support charging and conservation of charge of the vehicle's starter battery to ensure its starting capacity.
  • The full recognition of the battery includes evaluation of several criteria and ensures a safe and careful full charging with automatic commutation to conservation of charge. The units are automatically recognizing, if charging current for the battery (batteries) is concerned or only supply current of connected consumers. Unnecessary long charging of a battery, which is already fully charged, is thus avoided (gassing, battery load).
  • The simultaneous supply of connected consumers during charging and conservation of charge (parallel/floating operation) is implemented and will be considered by the chargers. For protection of the consumers, the voltage is limited during any charging mode and operating mode.
  • The temperature compensation (automatic adaptation of the charging voltage to the battery temperature) improves full charging of the weaker battery in case of low outside temperatures and avoids unnecessary battery load and gassing in case of summery temperatures. VOTRONIC chargers are also adapted to the corresponding battery type/characteristic line of charging. For reasons of safety, a gradual reduction of the charging capacity is effected in case of temperatures above 45 °C, and in case of 50 °C (battery overheating), the charging current will be disconnected. Reconnection will be effected automatically after cooling down.
  • The automatic compensation of voltage loss on the charging cables ensures precise keeping of the charging voltage at the battery. Powerful unit versions allow connection of voltage sensor lines, which is recommendable in case of very long charging cables.
  • Short charging time and high capacity storage.
  • Safe and careful preliminary charging, even of batteries being totally discharged or extremely discharged.
  • In case of extended stop periods, the automatic battery regeneration being effected twice a week decomposes acid accumulation in the battery, which is decreasing the performance.
  • Clearly arranged indication of the operating state by light-emitting diodes.
  • Full charging capacity is achieved by cooling of the units by convection and by means of a fan with temperature and speed control. If this is not sufficient in case of very high temperatures (such as due to adverse installation and cooling conditions), further charging is attempted with gradual reduction of the capacity.
  • The silent run function ensures noise optimisation during night operation. At the touch of a button, the cooling fan will change to a steady low noise speed with slightly reduced charging capacity (reduction at night).
  • The power pack function allows continued supply of the consumers, also without battery, such as in case of battery replacement, maintenance or emergency operation.
  • If the individual cells of lead-acid batteries show varying charging states due to insufficient charging or total discharge, the equalization function effects a readjustment to the same charging level by means of a characteristic line of charging IUIU. Since this is a kind of "living cell therapy" for the battery, it should be released manually and only in case of need.
  • If necessary, the mains input power, and thus the charging capacity of powerful chargers, can be adjusted to a lower value by means of the "Power Limit" function. This allows an operation, even with weakly protected country current supply at campsites or Marina, as well as with low capacity generators.
  • The mains side of all VOTRONIC chargers is equipped with a commutation to sinusoidal power consumption (PFC), and they are working according to the switch mode technology (SMT). They cope with even strong deviations of supply voltage, mains frequency and sine curve and thus ensure full charging capacity under adverse conditions, even at the far end of a weak power supply.
  • The SMT technology supplies "true" direct current without ripple noise, power peaks etc. This avoids unnecessary heating of the battery and allows trouble-free operation of even sensitive consumers during the charging process.
  • Built-in on-board mains suppression filters ensure unproblematic parallel operation of dynamos, motor generators and wind-driven generators, solar systems etc. at one battery.
  • Intelligent microprocessor control systems using SMD technology completed by robust power electronics ensure high operating safety. This includes also safety timers working in the background, which abort the individual charging phases in case of failure (such as short-circuit of the cells) to produce safe conditions.
  • Unattended charging and standard protection against overload, overheating, overvoltage, wrong polarization, short circuit and overcharging by means of a safety relay for each output. By this, also back discharge of the battery in case of power failure is avoided, and the batteries can always remain connected to the charger.
  • Complete self-test of all unit functions, including the connected external temperature sensors.
  • The electronic system is protected against humidity (Boat version and Series VAC).
  • Solid insulated terminals allow largely dimensioned battery cables with a large crosssection.
  • The inputs and outputs of the unit are fully insulated.

Efficiency and high reliability are achieved by application of modern SMT technology completed by robust power electronics. The compact design, the solid aluminium housing and the low weight complete the outstanding profile of the VOTRONIC chargers.

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