Today, modern CI-BUS on-board management systems control a multitude of devices and functions in the on-board network of more and more caravans and motor caravans. Not only lighting, battery charging or level indicator, but also many on-board components such as air conditioning or heating can be controlled centrally, conveniently and safely by the CI-BUS - regardless of whether they are installed ex works or retrospectively.

In 2011, under the leadership of the CIVD, the caravanning industry developed a common standard, the CI-BUS, which stands for future-oriented technology and flexible solutions and is continuously being further developed.

A separate CIVD working group developed a BUS system specifically tailored to the requirements of the caravanning industry. This created the necessary prerequisites for setting up a common platform for creating, maintaining and servicing a uniform data bus system in the caravanning sector. The “Kooperationsvereinbarung CI-BUS” (CI-BUS Cooperation Agreement) sets out the necessary requirements.

The use of the caravanning industry BUS in more and more leisure vehicles corresponds to the current industry trend towards increasing digitalisation. Innovative helpers such as wireless control are increasingly finding their way into caravans and motor caravans. This means, for example, that heating or air conditioning can be operated quite simply via laptop, tablet or smartphone. This type of control contributes both to increased comfort and improved energy efficiency.

Innovations such as the CI-BUS contribute to the future viability of the caravanning industry and continue to offer enormous innovation potential.

(Source: Caravaning Industrie Verband e.V.)

VOTRONIC is official CI-BUS partner of the Caravaning Industrie-Verband e.V. (CICID).
After consultation with us, manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers and system integrators are able to integrate CI-BUS compatible units of our program into their systems.

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