Which VOTRONIC Sine Inverter is the right one?

The size of the inverter is determined by the case of application. So, a coffee machine requires a more powerful unit than a razor. More powerful inverters require more current and consequently larger batteries. Usually, this fact is not considered when purchasing an inverter.

Consequently, the current requirement is not determined by the size of the inverter, but by the size of the connected consumer.

The following rough formula is applied:
Capacity of the 230 V consumer is divided by 10 results in the approximate current value being taken from the battery.

For your guidance, we recommend a battery capacity of about 100 Ah at 300 W (VA), while at least 200 Ah should be at disposal from 1200-1700 W (Ah).

Very often, the power consumption (Watts) is indicated in VA and can be drawn from the technical data or the nameplate of the 230 V consumer. Following some examples:

 Coffee Maker

10 VA
1200 VA
75-140 VA

 DVD Player
 Sat Receiver

80 VA
30 VA
20 VA

 Hair Drier
 Incandesc. Lamp

1000-1500 VA
400-800 VA
15-60 W

 Batt. Charger
 Mobile Phone
 Vacuum Cleaner

50 VA
5 VA
1000-1500 VA

Please observe that the indicated values are always nominal values. The momentary power consumption might be three or five times higher than the indicated value due to e. g. starting current.

For air-conditioners mostly the generated cooling capacity is indicated, but the required electrical capacity is lower. The choice of a suitable inverter must be based on the increased starting current.

We recommend the following inverter for operation of air-conditioners:
- Air-conditioners up to 1700 W cooling capacity: MobilPOWER Inverter SMI 1200 (-NVS) Sinus
- Air-conditioners up to 2300 W cooling capacity: MobilPOWER Inverter SMI 1700 (-NVS) Sinus

Real Sine or Sinusoidal?

The case of application also determines, if a sine inverter is required, or if a significantly more economic unit being similar to a sine inverter can be applied. An incandescent lamp or a hair drier does not have high requirements regarding the inverter, while units with a particular start behaviour, such as air conditioners, drills, vacuum cleaners or appliances being equipped with a sensitive electronic control (e. g. coffee makers, computers, medical equipment) possibly might require a sine inverter. Very often, this problem is neither recognizable, nor can it be drawn from the operating manual of the corresponding 230 V appliance!

Reiner Sinus ENFurther, it cannot be concluded from the appearance of a designer fan that it might require 230 V sine. To avoid making compromises or convincing the specialised dealer to take an appliance back, a high-quality sine inverter is always the better choice! These units supply a sinusoidal 230 V supply voltage, as if it comes out of the socket, and thus they are suitable for all 230 V appliances.

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