Professional Solar Charging Technology

A correctly dimensioned solar system makes the camper, caravan or boat independent and consists of three components: Solar module, solar charging controller and battery. The VOTRONIC solar controllers are the link between solar module and battery, they work automatically, and they ensure optimum battery charging without overloading. If current is consumed during the day, immediate recharge is ensured, and a back discharge of the battery at night is avoided.

The units distinguish by high operating safety. High-quality charging technology in connection with intelligent microprocessor control ensures exact observation of charging voltage rates, charging current rates and charging time. The main charging port with characteristic line IU1oU2 can be set ideally to acid/lead-acid batteries, gel, AGM/fleece or lithium batteries. The battery temperature sensor (recommendable accessories, order no. 2001) for temperature compensation effects automatic increase of the charging voltage in case of low temperatures (winter operation) in order to improve and accelerate full charging of the weak battery. In case of summery temperatures, the charging voltage is reduced to minimize the load (gassing) of the battery and to extend the lifetime of gas-tight batteries (such as gel batteries). Voltage and current of the second charging port are reduced. It serves for support charging and trickle charge of the vehicle's starter battery in case of extended stop periods.

The charging controllers are suitable for any conventional solar module. More powerful systems can be created by application of several solar modules, also subsequently. The solar charging controller can then be chosen according to the capacity (Wp) of the solar module.

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